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  • Product Name
    Nano Disperser NH500
  • Product Name
    High pressure homogenizer
  • Product Summary
    Hydraulic system is applied and cooling system can be used continuously for a long period of time. It is suitable for large-capacity production and has strong corrosion resistance to chemicals by applying Stainless steel material.
  • Overview
    Strong durability | Production efficiency | High safety
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  • Application field
    Used to carry out processes such as emulsification, dispersion and crushing in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pigments and dyes, and electronic materials industries.
  • 맞춤
    Conditions other than the standard specification can be custom-made, so please consult your sales representative.
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Dispersion & Mix

Medium Nanodischer (NH500)

NH Series applies a hydraulic system and is suitable for mass production.

Ultra high-pressure disperser designed and manufactured in Ilshin Autoclave Co., Ltd. are recognized for their performance at home and abroad and are commercialized as plastic wrap and mass-production facilities in many areas. In recognition of its unique ultra-high-pressure technology in the cosmetics field, it is applied, produced, and sold for the purpose of cosmetics raw materials and emulsion. In the future, We expect high-quality cosmetics to be manufactured and sold by applying ultra-high-pressure technology.


NH500 Medium disperser

Convenience / Safety / Damage Prevention

Back Flashing System

Conveniently washing

Back flash system allows convenient cleaning in the event of chamber blockage.

Cooling System

Prevent damage to samples

Prevent damage to samples caused by heat generated after passing through the chamber


Secure safety with external cases

Install the external casing on the piping line, excluding the specimen filler

Pressure Controller

Pressure Regulating Hydraulic Unit Control

Hydraulic unit control allows pressure control in the chamber

Interaction Chamber Type

Chamber type

Z type : Suspension - Powder is recommended for dispersing and grinding on liquid, CNT, Aluminum, etc.
Y type: Emulsion - Liquid and Liquid, Recommended ex) milk, water, oil, etc.

Comparison of emulsified (emulsion) state elapsed

The production of emulsified fuel (diesel oil + water) using ultra-high pressure dispersion, stirrer, and ultrasonic dispersion respectively

Video 1

Chamber Assembly and Disassembly Video

NH500 Chamber Assembly and Disassembly

Video 2

Basic Operating Video

NH500 Basic Operation

Series Operation pressure Flow rate Pump system Weight Dimension (W x D x H) Interaction chamber size Interaction chamber type
NH500 pressure for use 1,500bar 500ml/min Hydraulic unit system [220/380/440VAC, 50/60Hz, 7.5HP] Approx. 600kg 850 x 800 x 1,500
100um Z type