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  • Product Name
    Medium HIPPO
  • Product Name
    High pressure processing(HPP)
  • Product Summary
    A new technology that uses water to subject a variety of foods to ultra-high pressure processing (HPP) to extend the shelf life.
  • Overview
    A new technology that uses water to subject a variety of foods to ultra-high pressure processing (HPP) to extend the shelf life.
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  • Application field
    Juice&beverage,meat,processed food,seafood,other(dog food,soy and soy milk,pharmaceutical&cosmetics,vitamin&protein,an infant's food)
  • 맞춤
    Conditions other than the standard specification can be custom-made, so please consult your sales representative.
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Medium HIPPO

超高压处理 (HPP : High Pressure Processing)

Durability and stability

Super high pressure vessel

When the equipment is in operation, it meets the weight of the enclosed container, which is filled with water, in order to generate ultra-high static pressure. exert equal pressure on all its facets.

Maximum flow rate of the existing pump

Super high pressure plunger pump(Intensifier)

1. Composed of the driving part and the high-pressure part, the linear reciprocating motion of the oil plug through the driving part, etc, produces a super high pressure ratio to the high-pressure section
2. Oil pressure system with motor driven mode, with durability and reliability, and the development of self-produced seal "100% domestic manufacturing"
3. Maximum pressure used, 6,000 bar (600 MPa), to achieve maximum pump outflow.
4. Minimize noise and vibration caused by pulsation
5. Subsidiary 'PUMSTER' is independently manufactured

Air-operated automatic valve with durability and convenience

Pneumatic automatic valve

1. Minimum drive operating air pressure is 5kgf/Cm2
2. The application of non-recirculating Stem to prevent pulling phenomenon while also acting as a convenient maintenance of separate Stem Structure
3. Metal To Metal Sealing Mode
4. Using Replace Seat technology for providing durability, using special STS materials / for maintaining convenience

Technology and facilities with winding equipment

Combined technology and facilities

The HPP is repeatedly pressurized and decompressed at 6,000 bar high pressure, and the pressure vessel design technology and facilities are used to ensure durability and stability of the structure.

Midium HIPPO

Model Volume Inner Diameter Length Pressure Temperature Pump Cycle Time Production Capacity Required Air Weight
Hippo 100 100 ℓ 300 1,420 6,000 bar (600 MPa) 10~35 ℃ 2 intensifiers 1unit(100 kw) holding for 3 minutes 7~10/hour 65 L/Cycle 7 bar 25 ton
Hippo 150 150 ℓ 300 2,130 6,000 bar (600 MPa) 10~35 ℃ 2 intensifiers
4 intensifiers 1unit(150 kw)
holding for 3 minutes 7~10/hour 100 L/Cycle 7 bar 30 ton